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The semi abstract and expressive mixed media painting is on construction building paper, which is used to protect homes. This unconventional material lends it self to rigorous applications of color and distressing which creates layers of expression. Line, color and contrast of forms are etched or embedded with a personal language of symbols that reflect emotional chords of reconciliation or resolution of a painting fugue.

Ripping the building paper or letting the manufacturer’s stenciled graphics show strategically through the paint allows for further expression as well as revealing the tar that holds the protective paper together.

The works are mounted loosely on the wall so they have gesture and express an aliveness about them: framing the works is contradictory to the freedom of expression as the surrounding air signifies the breath of choice.

These energetic works are visual journals of reflection about home: family home, community home, global home and our home in the universe. 

The content, representational or abstract, connects to the universal state of being: a call to pay attention to what is happening and opening the heart because the big lesson has been: We do not always learn from our mistakes; religion does not always open the heart; and you can’t legislate love. Therefore, we must consciously choose courage to evolve in our thinking and open our hearts with the intention of being in the world with kindness and consideration toward all beings while facing the challenges that climate change brings to all our homes. 



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